The FROST team (Joe, Bob, Mark and Alex) displayed professionalism, cooperation &seamless communications with me during the show. They fell right into place with Rome /Floyd County Fire Department in an effort to provide the most effective CFR possible for the show. The team did not try to take over the structure or MO of the current CFR but did provide
great enhancement to the current CFR in place. During our pre-show drill , FROST was able to have their first apparatus on the scene within 12 seconds and all other apparatus on scene within 24 seconds.

I hope I have the opportunity to work with this team of professionals again and I would highly
recommend to any event organizers to include airshow, air racing, motor sports, etc. to seriously
consider adding them to your current CFR protection.

Rome / Floyd Fire Department   Wings Over North Georgia Airshow

"The Frost Team worked great with the Glynn County Fire Department crews during the Wings Over the Golden Isles Air Show."

Joe M. Combs II, Glynn County Fire Department